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Welcome dental professionals to Confi-dental full-service laboratory based in Rancho Penasquitos, CA. We are a leader and provider of high-tech and high-quality restorations, fixed and removable. We have been in business for over 20 years, making us specialists in zirconia, implants, ceramics, full and partial dentures, and sleep apnea devices. One thing you will appreciate about us is we don’t cut corners as is a pattern in most other laboratoies, this improves consistency and minimizes redos.

About Us

The laboratory was established by Mark Strelau in April of 1999 after completing dental technology schooling in Riverside county at a time when there was only 3 schools in the whole country that provided such training. In his early years in the field, Mark progressed quickly having worked in the most prominent laboratories in San Diego at the time and managing a large laboratory as well.

 His experience became well-rounded learning speed at production laboratories, and quality in high-end laboratory jobs. He was able to notice the strengths and pitfalls of each. There are many shortcuts laboratories will take to get their cases out on time, which increases redos and headaches.

At age 21, 3 years after his schooling, his laboratory ownership had begun as a humble 1-man crown & bridge lab with a specialization in custom layering for large-span anterior bridges. With the lab growing, a denture department and zirconia milling system was also added, completing the full system of restorations.

Today, after many years in business, we are proud to say we have a great track record based on our excellent retention rate and the activity length of our accounts. We attribute this to using the best materials we could find, experience of our technicians, personal service to our offices, and not taking shortcuts as is a pitfall of many laboratories. 

Full Services

Save time and money  with LESS removable patient visits. We have great dentures!

Katana Zirconia

Strength: 750 mpa

Translucency : 38%

This top-shelf zirconia is multi-layered & translucent. That means the incisal layering is already incorporated into the disc. With its perfect balance of translucency and strength, it can be used for fabricating full contour anterior/posterior crowns, 3-unit bridges, veneers, inlays, and onlays. With its tested specifications, it outperforms Lithium Dicilicate in every way, especially with the strength being 30% stronger.

It is a well-balanced zirconia that combines 8 gradation levels of chromatic body/incisal layering. Combining this feature with our top-secret amazing glaze, the result is a beautiful crown that looks alive and vibrant. In short, it has that WOW factor and stands out when in juxtaposition next to similar restorations.

Katana HT delivers high flexural strength, fracture resistance, exceptional durability, precision margins, and is perfect for anterior esthetic cases!

Brux Zirconia

Strength : 1200 mpa

Translucency: 35%

Why settle for those ugly, old brux zirconia crowns?

Our new-generation monolithic crowns have a 35% translucency so they no longer stick out like a sore thumb.

This application is great for single posterior crowns, 4+unit bridges, bruxing patients, & limited space situations.


Have you ever gotten an implant crown that rotated on the implant abutment?

Red flag! Easy sign of an inexperienced laboratory. These kind of missed details can cause some serious headaches during seating or in the success of the implant itself, not to mention a very upset patient that spent a lot of money on such a high-end restoration. This is an area where you do not want to cut corners and make sure you have an experienced implant laboratory handling such an important case.

We have been doing implants for 20 years. You can rest assured your patients will be pleased with the quality of implants they will receive.

Full Dentures

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Good denture labs are hard to find?’

Everyone has because it’s true. Nothing is more wasteful and inefficient than numerous extra patient visits. This is why ‘cheap’ dentures aren’t actually cheap at all, they cost much more due to the extra chair time.

Avoid this major headache. We do really nice dentures. Try us out and you will see.

Framework-Reinforced Partial Dentures

This is a great option for many patients. Frameworks provide longevity for patients while acrylic is easy to fix if necessary.

They typically take longer than regular dentures, so make sure your removable lab does good work or the case could take a few weeks to make,   potentially upsetting your patient.

Stayplate/ Flipper​

Our flippers are a great fit in many situations. Use them as the patient heals and awaits a gorgeous implant crown made by confi-dental Laboratory. 


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